Best Warm Mist Humidifier For Baby Reviews 2022

A warm mist humidifier is a great choice for your baby’s room. It is different from its cold counterpart in that it features an internal heating element that warms the water to boiling point before emitting steam into the air giving you amazing relief in dry climates or during winter time when colds are most prevalent.

The output of humidity will make breathing easier and may help the tiny noses of infants prevent nasal congestion, inflammation, and infections which can lead to nasty stuff like bronchitis, pneumonia, ear ache; all of which are risk factors to babies.

Top Picks for Best Warm Mist Humidifier For Baby

1. Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The Crane humidifier is a well-known brand in the baby hygiene products market. It comes out on top as one of the best warm mist humidifiers for babies and toddlers. This small and stylish machine has won several awards including ‘best advanced technology’ and ‘the safest product’. The latter is because it emits 99. 9% purified water vapor that doesn’t leave any white dust residue or mineral build up to irritate your child’s delicate respiratory tract. Just like other leading models, this sweet looking Crane machine also features an easy-to-fill 1 gallon tank (3.7 liters) which will run nonstop for 24 hours; great if you have lots of kids or live in a big house. It has three output settings so you can adjust the moisture level to suit your home environment with an adjustable knob. A great feature of this machine is the 360 rotating mist nozzle which disperses the vapor evenly in all directions making it suitable for use in even larger rooms. If you want one with a nightlight function, then go with Crane Adorable Penguin Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier that features a calming blue LED light and comes in four different penguin characters: Stella, Cupcake, Charlie and Rocco. The only downside we found is that running on high with frequent refills will increase your electricity bill quite considerably; especially if you live somewhere cold or keep windows closed most of the time. However, the humidity boost is well worth it.

  • Great design
  • Increases the humidity level in your house within hours
  • High running costs

2. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Humidifier

If looks are not that important to you and you prefer a machine that is packed with useful features, then the Pure Enrichment MistAire is for you. It comes in at number three on our list of best warm mist humidifiers for babies. What we like about this machine is it’s design which makes it look very pretty sitting on your baby’s dresser or beside your bedside table. If you’re expecting, then take note! This same model has been voted as ‘best gift for new parents’ by Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. It also won an award for being the most innovative product at the esteemed Global Pet Expo 2016. On top of all that, it’s also the number one best selling model on Amazon for good reason; affordability. For your money, you get a well-made unit with all the features of much more expensive models including an easy to fill 1 gallon tank (3.7 liters), adjustable mist nozzle, built in timer and automatic shut off when water gets low. This machine is super quiet (52 dB) making it perfect for use in your bedroom or where your baby sleeps in another room; ideal if they suffer from colic or reflux problems which are aggravated by loud noises.

  • Well made machine
  • Great value for money
  • No humidity indicator


Although this is a new model, it has already won several awards and boasts some great features. It’s no wonder the ELECHOMES Ultrasonic Humidifier is number two on our best warm mist humidifiers for babies list as its ease of use and stylish design makes it an attractive unit to anyone who suffers from dry skin or sinus problems caused by heating during winter time. Speaking about heating, we think that having this machine beside your bed will be a blessing if you suffer from night sweats and hot flushes as you’ll be able to turn down your thermostat and therefore lower your electricity bill. The ELECHOMES Ultrasonic Distiller White comes with an advanced ultrasonic atomizing system which disperses invisible fine particles into the air via ultrasonic vibration. It also has an automatic shut off function when the water tank is empty which saves you money as you won’t keep running it until it burns out like some other models do. With this model, you get a large 1.3 gallon (5 liter) tank capacity and variable mist control so that you can adjust humidity levels to suit your needs; great if you live in a humid climate or suffer from cold symptoms during winter time.

  • Large water tank
  • Advanced ultrasonic atomizing system
  • No humidity indicator

4 . Honeywell HWM-705B HWM705B Filter Free Warm Moisture Humidifier

We’re always skeptical when it comes to cool mist humidifiers that are filter free because in order for them to work, they need a fan which can become noisy. However, Honeywell have managed to create an awesome little unit with this model even though it’s filter free. We love the large 1 gallon (3.7 liter) tank capacity and variable humidity control so you can adjust the level of humidity in your home without having to refill frequently; great if you live in a dry climate or keep windows closed during winter time which dries out your skin and sinuses. There’s also an easy-fill wide opening tank which is good news if you suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome like some elderly people do (our editor included!). This model is also whisper quiet which makes it perfect for use in your bedroom where its super slim design will fit perfectly beside your bed or on a nightstand.

  • 1 gallon tank capacity
  • Easy fill wide opening tank
  • Plastic Quality not so good.

5 .Honeywell Home Top Fill Warm Mist Humidifier

The Honeywell Home Warm Mist Humidifier is the cheapest model of the bunch but it’s also one of the most popular. If you’re looking for a warm mist humidifier on a budget, this is definitely an option worth considering; not only will it efficiently moisturize your dry skin and sinuses with its whisper quiet operation, but it will even help to ease cold symptoms too when steam is released into your home via its 360 degree nozzle (how cool is that?). The tank capacity isn’t huge (1 gallon/3.7 liters) so you’ll need to refill daily if you live in a larger home with several people in it; something to bear in mind if you suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel like some elderly people do (our editor included!). This unit is filter free so there’s no need to clean it, however you will need to replace the evaporative wick approximately every 30 days which come in a pack of two.

  • 1 gallon tank capacity
  • Filter free
  • Expensive

Things to consider before buying Warm Mist Humidifier For Baby

1. Room Size

The main disadvantage of warm mist humidifier is that they tend to be larger and bulkier then cool mist which makes their storage a little more difficult. Like most people, you probably have limited space in your home so it’s important to consider how much ventilation the room you’re buying the unit for has because if it doesn’t have enough, the warm steam will quickly fill up the room and condense on windows, walls etc which isn’t good for your furniture or flooring. Also, check whether there are any electrical sockets near where you’ll store it as many units come with an extra long power cord (unless stated) which could be dangerous if someone trips over it.

2. Type

There are three types of vaporizers available on the market: Warm mist humidifiers, cool mist and ultrasonic.

–      Cool mist is produced by the cold water that evaporates & produce a fine ideal for causing respiratory ailments such as cold or flu, allergies and asthma because it can carry with it small particles of contaminants like pollen and dust (these contaminants would settle thanks to gravity if warm mist used).  It is not healthy to sleep in a room where this kind of vaporizer operates all day long.

–  Ultrasonic models work by creating vibrations at ultrasonic frequency which breaks down water into tiny particles which become airborne via their built in fan (they’re also very quiet too!)

– Warm steam vaporizers create steam through boiling water; they can be categorized as either boiling water vaporizers (boil the water and release steam) or evaporative wick (use electricity to power a fan that boils the water and releases steam).

–      Boiling type tend to be more expensive, however they’re also bigger in size; not great if you’re short on space.  They can also be dangerous since you’ll need to refill them with boiling water every 2 hours which you must then wait for it cool down completely before handling. Also, check whether there is an auto shut off safety feature if unit falls down – this should minimize potential damage to your carpet/flooring especially if you have children running around who might accidentally knock it over.

3. Noise

When it comes to noise, warm mist humidifiers are definitely noisier than cool mist which is why they’re not recommended for bedrooms especially if you have thin walls or live in close quarters with other people. Some models come with a night light but this doesn’t always help since the unit itself makes a constant humming sound so select a model that has an auto shut off feature if there’s no one around to hear it. Also, try and locate the unit away from where you’ll be sleeping because being exposed to steam can irritate eyes and sinuses etc as well as increase your risk of catching a cold (although let’s face it, that won’t stop us trying).

4. Ease Of Cleaning And Maintenance

Warm mist humidifiers are generally easier to maintain than cool mist which means they require little or no maintenance at all – just empty the tank, refill with water and wipe down the outside.

Many warm mist humidifiers can be difficult to disassemble for cleaning; you may need to purchase some special tools in order to get them open. Also try and avoid getting water into areas where it can’t evaporate (like motor) because this could cause damage over time. Check whether the manufacturer supplies any cleaning tools together with your purchase of unit.

5. Auto Shut Off

Since most warm mist humidifier boil water constantly, there’s always a risk of boiling dry if no one is around to turn it off. Some models come with an auto shut off feature that turns the unit off if there’s no water inside which is great for increased home security. Check whether you can adjust the timer too because some only operate for only 3 hours but this might not be enough to keep your room comfortable during the night so opt for one with a timer of at least 6 hours

6. Anti-bacterial Features

As mentioned earlier, cool mist humidifiers work by forcing air through cold coils which causes condensation – this also means they’re prone to growth of mold and bacteria within & around its reservoir; not good if you’re susceptible to respiratory problems like asthma or allergies! Warm mist humidifiers don’t pose as much risk since they boil water which kills off bacteria so opt for one with all round anti-bacterial features.

7. Filter & Cleaning Indicator

Since warm mist humidifiers require less maintenance than cool mist, some manufacturers saw it fit to introduce filter systems that need changing/cleaning every month or two depending on how much you use them (and this is where the cleaning indicator comes in handy). It’s also generally good practice to change your filter regularly because they can become clogged over time which reduces its efficiency; not great if you suffer from respiratory problems because your room won’t be as comfortable.


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