Best Portable Humidifier For Singers Reviews 2022

Having a good night sleep is crucial, but if you suffer from dry mouth or throat then it’s better to own a portable humidifier that best suit your needs and pocket. Dryness of the mouth and throat also known as xerostomia can cause problems like hoarseness of voice and bad breath due to which you might lose confidence when talking to someone else. If not treated properly, it can lead to more serious medical conditions such as laryngitis, bronchitis and even pneumonia. The solution for this problem is very simple i.e., use a humidifier in your room at all times during winter season. It will help you increase moisture in air by emitting cool mist that keeps your throat and mouth moisturized. Also, if you’re a singer then using portable humidifier is must because it gives you good sleep at night which will increase the quality of your voice & also give you fresh breath throughout the day.

Top Picks for Best Portable Humidifier For Singers

1.URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier Diffusers

UPROWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier is one of the best selling oil diffuser in the market that comes with advanced ultrasonic technology. It has overheat protection which automatically turns off the device once it detects excessive heat, so it’s completely safe to use at night. It also has timer setting option available where you can set the time up to 7 hours for continuous mist or set it for 30mins interval. The great thing about this humidifier is that it emits cool mist and doesn’t emit warm mist like other models in same price range.

Another important feature of this model is that it has LED lights available that changes colors automatically just like a disco ball which adds more fun to this product. It also has an option to control lights by selecting one color or turn it off. You can also use colors as per your choice and mood i.e., you can select any color from 16 million different colors available.

It’s a very powerful humidifier that comes with 500ml tank capacity so you don’t have to refill water all the time. The noise level of this model is very low compared to other similar products, so it doesn’t disturb you while sleeping at night or if you are practicing singing during day time.

There is an in-built timer available which turns the device automatically off after 1 hour that keeps the device safe from overheating & saves power as well as money on your bills.

  • Great design for home decor due to beautiful lights.
  • It has LED light feature which automatically changes colors like a disco ball. It also emits cool mist compared to other models in same price range.
  • It takes more time (8 hours) to completely fill the tank with water which is not an issue but can be frustrating sometimes if you are used to of quick filling process.

2.URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier, 700ml Large Capacity

Another best selling model in this category is URPOWER aromatherapy essential oil diffuser humidifier, which comes with large capacity of 700ml which keeps the mist flowing all night long continuously without any issue. This model has very powerful ultrasonic technology that can even cover large area up to 500sq feet so if you’re living in a small apartment then it’s perfect for you, otherwise its good to buy two devices for larger rooms. It also offers 7 changing LED lights mode which gives great visual effects while watching TV or relaxing somewhere besides your bed. If you are looking for both aroma & humidifier then this is the best choice because it comes with built-in timer which you can set up to 6 hours.

  • Very powerful & efficient ultrasonic technology.
  • It produces very less noise while operating so if you are a light sleeper then it won’t disturb you at night.
  • It has no option for automatic shut off that means water tank have to be refilled every time the device is turned on, where other models offer automatically turning off once full tank is reached.

3.Pure Enrichment PureSpa Go – Portable Car Diffuser with 50ml Water Tank

If you want a portable diffuser to keep your car filled with aromatherapy oils and also use it as a humidifier for large rooms then Pure Enrichment PureSpa Go Portable Car Diffuser is the best option available. It has 50ml water tank and can be used as a travel size humidifier because of its lightweight and compact design. The device has two different modes that are fan mode which you can use as air purifier or essential oil mode that works as an aroma diffuser. It comes with USB charging cord, wall adapter & car adapter so it can be charged from anywhere using any device. There are 7 LED lights available in white color that change automatically every few seconds to make the environment soothing and relaxing.

Pros & Cons

  • Its compact & lightweight design makes it very portable. It also comes with USB charging option for easy charging anywhere you go.
  • There are no built-in timer or auto shut off features available that means water tank have to be refilled all the time, where other models offer turning off automatically once full tank is reached.

4.LEALEA Cool Mist Air Humidifier, 450ml USB Portable Mini Humidifier

If you are looking for an aromatherapy personal room diffuser then Lealea cool mist air humidifier is the best choice available in this price range, also it has 450ml water tank capacity that can runs up to 24 hours with powerful ultrasonic technology which makes it perfect for large rooms as well. It has in-built timer option which turns it off automatically after 2 hours so there’s no way you can forget filling water tank again & again. The device also offers 7 different LED lights modes including colorful mood light mode that adds more beauty to your environment when watching TV or relaxing somewhere your bed at night time.

  • It produces very less noise while operating, you can barely hear it running.
  • The in-built timer is a life saver because it turns the device off automatically after 2 hours so there’s no chance water tank will be overflown. CONS:
  • The only downside is this device doesn’t come with any option for changing LED lights colors or most modes where other model offers 7 different color options & light effects, but considering the price of this device its not an issue at all.

5.LEVOIT Humidifiers for Baby Bedroom Top Fill Cool Mist for Kids Nursery

If you are looking for a humidifier that can be used in baby room then Levoit top fill cool mist is one of the best choice available because it can run up to 12 hours at 1 tank filling which is enough to keep the entire baby bedroom filled with moisturized air all night long. It has an advanced ultrasonic technology that makes it very quiet while operating, you won’t even notice its running while sleeping next to it. The device also offers 6 different color changing LED lights so you can use it as a mood light when watching TV or relaxing beside your bed. Levoit cool mist has one of the coolest and modern designs among all other models available so it will be a great addition to your baby room decor.

It comes with 30-day money back guarantee for complete peace of mind. Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is one of the most versatile units that you can find in this price range, its perfect for baby rooms as well as large offices or living rooms etc. It offers a whopping 12 hours long running time by using only 1 tank filling which make this unit ideal for large rooms as well. The device has 7 different LED lights colors including rainbow color mode where you can set 5 colors rotating together which make it perfect mood light to watch TV or relax with. It also works as a night light so you can use it to comfort your baby during sleeping time by keeping the room dark and doing all kinds of soothing & entertaining activities right from the phone. You can even this device from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet so there’s no need for any kind of physical remote controller.

  • It has an in-built timer option that automatically shuts off after 8 hours, but you will have to refill the tank again if you want it back on because there’s no way to turn it on again once it turned off.
  • The only issue we have found is the device doesn’t produce silent operation where other models offer ultra silent mode which means you won’t be able

Things to consider before buying Portable Humidifier For Singers

1.Moisture output:

If you are looking for a device that can be used as singer room humidifier then you will have to check the moisture output first. Moisture output basically tells how much humidity this device can generate and it’s listed in “grain” or “gallon per day (gpd)”.

2.Fan speed:

Some of the cheapest model only offer 1 fan speed option where other offers 3-4 fan speeds so its important to find out if this matters for your situation or not, but considering the price range we don’t think its something crucial at all.

3.Auto shut off timer:

This is one of the most useful features available on almost every single unit these days because it turns off the machine automatically after a certain time period.

4.Auto shut off humidity sensor:

If you are looking for a device that can be used as singer room humidifier then having some sort of auto shut off humidity sensor is important. This works as an energy saving feature where the device won’t turn on again until it drops below the desired humidity level, but if you are living in rainy season this also helps to prevent any kind of damages caused by too much moisture in the air because it turns off automatically when there’s enough amount of moisture already present.

5.Mist nozzle design & positioning:

This actually varies from person to person because everyone has their own personal taste, but considering most people use them at their bedsides its one of the most important things to look for.

6.Noise level:

This can be a deal breaker for some people where other don’t care at all so it really depends on every individual. But considering the fact most humidifiers are used in night time or while sleeping its important to find out how noisy it gets so you can look for something with ultra silent operation if this is necessary for your situation. 7.Material build quality:

You will have to be very careful when it comes to this section because almost every single model available these days has manufacturer defects regardless of any brand, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to get around this issue. Just make sure you do your research before buying anything and read our reviews carefully because we try our best to cover every possible detail about each model that we test to avoid any kind of future troubles.

8.Price & Warranty:

There’s no way to avoid this situation because most people will have a budget, but if its only you then you can look for something with all the features available and reasonable price otherwise just check out our list below because they are worth it. It also comes with a 1 year warranty which is not bad at all considering majority of them offer a 30 days or 60 day warranty on Amazon.

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