Best Humidifier For Babies Congestion Reviews 2022

Humidifiers are an essential part of maintaining the necessary humidity levels in your home. When you’re sick, it can be difficult to breathe because everything is drying up. Adding more humidity will make coughing much less intense for both you and your baby. On top of that, humidification can also help ease congestion. By adding moisture into the air, it makes breathing easier for children who have allergies or upper respiratory infections. The best way to go about this is by using a warm mist humidifier for babies . It will warm up the cold, dry air and add moisture back into the room. Check out all our humidifiers for babies reviews below to see which one is best for you and your child.

Top Picks for Best Humidifier For Babies Congestion

1. Honeywell HWM-705B HWM705B Filter Free Warm Moisture Humidifier

This is a great humidifier to use with babies because it’s super quiet and filter-free. The Honeywell HWM-705B uses evaporative technology that will automatically regulate the humidity level in your child’s room, keeping them comfortable all night long. It does not require any filters or wicks to be replaced so you won’t have to worry about running out during cold season. This unit also comes with an automatic shut off feature which means it will turn itself off once the water reservoir is empty and the tank needs to be refilled. The tank holds up to a half gallon of water which is a great humidification capacity for a small room. This unit features a built-in medicine cup that can be used with Vicks VapoPads to make the air in your child’s room more soothing and help them feel better fast. If you ever need to move this humidifier from one place to another, it has an adjustable handle that also acts as a carrying handle. In addition, this model will shut off automatically once the base of the unit becomes wet so if little hands come into contact with the humidifier, it won’t burn out.

  • Uses evaporative technology so it doesn’t require any filters

  • Automatic shut off feature when water reservoir is empty

  • Built-in medicine cup to help with cold symptoms

  • Does not require any wick or filters replacement

  • Not whisper quiet like other humidifiers, but it can be used in a large room with no problem.

2. Flowmist Humidifiers for Large Room

If you’re looking to humidify a large room or even an entire house during cold season, this is the right humidifier model for you. The Flowmist Cool Moisture Humidifier can also be used with babies because it’s quiet enough not to disturb their sleep at night. It’s very easy to use and all you have to do is add water into the tank and turn the dial on the top of the unit. You will get up to 20 hours of cool moisture out of each tank depending on your home’s current humidity level. This humidifier features 2-speed settings that are both whisper quiet. If you’re using it in your child’s room, the 2-speed setting is perfect because it will allow you to adjust for your baby’s comfort level. At night, you can set it on low because there won’t be any light shining in their face and disturbing their sleep. This unit also comes with an adjustable handle that allows you to carry it easily from one place to another without having to lift too much weight.

  • Uses cool moisture technology so no matter where you are placing this humidifier, it will not burn your child’s skin or bedding

  • Each tank provides up to 20 hours of use

  • Quiet enough for baby at night or if used during nap time

  • Comes with an adjustable handle for easy carrying or moving

  • There is no medicine cup on this model so it will not be good to use with Vicks VapoPads.

3.LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom

The LEVOIT Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is another great option for humidifying small to medium size rooms. This unit has a large tank capacity so you can go up to 36 hours without having to refill it. Although there are other models on the market with bigger tanks, this one is still great because it’s whisper quiet which means you can use it during nap time or at night without worrying about waking your baby up. Another great feature that makes this model good for babies is that it will automatically shut off once the water level drops below a certain level. The LED display also makes it easy to monitor the humidity output in your child’s room and adjust accordingly if needed. If you choose to get this unit, make sure you purchase distilled water with it because regular tap water might leave a white dust on things around the humidifier.

  • Uses cool mist technology so won’t burn your child’s skin or bedding

  • Large tank capacity so you can go up to 36 hours without having to refill it

  • Adjustable humidity output settings

  • Need distilled water for optimal use otherwise, there will be mineral build-up on furniture and drapes

4. Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier

This unit has a very unique design that allows it to spread mist around your child’s room evenly. No matter where you are placing this humidifier, it will fill your entire room with cool moisture so there won’t be any dry spots or hot areas where the water hasn’t reached yet. One of the main issues people have with other humidifiers is that they can be hard to clean because of their hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. With this model, rinsing out the tank under running tap water does most of the cleaning work for you so you don’t have to use any harmful chemicals on it after each use.

  • Unique design ensures cool moisture is spread evenly around your child’s room

  • Takes up very little space and can fit in the corners of your baby’s bedroom

  • The vapor quality isn’t as high as some other units.

5.AquaOasis™ Cool Mist Humidifier

This is another great model if you’re looking for a silent and space efficient way to keep your child’s room humidified. There aren’t any buttons on this unit so it will not make any noise when you turn it off or set it to low. The wide tank opening makes refilling the water easy while the bright LED display lets you monitor humidity levels in your bedroom 24/7. Even better, this model comes with an auto shut-off feature that stops mist production once the water level drops below a certain threshold. If there ever were issues with electricity or power fluctuations, this unit will automatically resume working after power returns to normal levels again.

  • Super quiet operation so it won’t hurt your child’s ears when they’re sleeping

  • Large tank capacity that can be refilled in a few seconds to ensure no downtime in the mist-producing process

  • Auto shut-off feature that stops mist production once water level gets below a certain threshold

  • If you choose this model, make sure you get distilled water with it because regular tap water may leave white dust on furniture and drapes

Things to consider before buying Humidifier For Babies Congestion

1. Cool Mist vs Warm Mist

Humidifiers for babies have been around from as early as the 1920s so there are plenty of options to choose from. Deciding which one is best for you depends on your personal preferences and what type of humidifier do you think will be suitable for your child’s room. If you’re looking at a humidifier that can help with congestion, warm mist models may not be ideal because they create steam that can burn your child’s skin or cause them to get a burn if it gets close enough to their face while sleeping. On the other hand, cold mist units will take longer before you notice an effect if used during wintertime but this also means these won’t raise the temperature your baby’s bedroom either.

2.Cool mist vs Ultrasonic

One of the main differences between cool mist humidifiers and ultrasonic ones is that the latter produce a fine, allergen-free mist your child can breath in without any issues. They also don’t use fan units like their hot counterparts do which means they run completely silent. The drawback to this type of humidifier is that it has smaller tanks than other units so you’ll need to refill them more often while some people may find the allergen-free moisture irritating for their skin or eyes if used on very high settings.

3. Filter

Humidifiers for babies with filters are great because they will remove minerals from tap water before it enters your heatlh machine’s reservoir tank. If you use distilled water, you can simply put off replacing this filter for longer but regular tap water may leave white dust on furniture and drapes if it’s not filtered first.

4. Auto Shut-off

Especially if you’re using a humidifier for the first time with your child, auto shut-off features are ideal because they will turn off once the tank is empty or when there are power fluctuations during use. This way, no damage can be caused to your child’s bedroom by either overfilling of the unit or power loss while using it. If you choose to use a cool mist humidifier, make sure you get one with an auto shut-off feature so you know the mist production won’t go on even after your baby has fallen asleep.

5. Humidistat

Having a humidistat will show the humidity level in your baby’s room at any given time, letting you know when it’s too dry or moist inside their bedroom if they’re congested. If you choose this model, make sure you get distilled water with it because regular tap water may leave white dust on furniture and drapes if used for very long periods of time without having its minerals taken away first by using a filter.

6. Performance

There are many terms manufacturers use to describe how big an area their unit can handle at once but what you should really look out for is the maximum output mist level which basically tells how much moisture it can produce. Instead of getting a model with a high number of gallons it can hold at once, you’ll want to get one that has the highest output level possible for your child’s room size. Smaller tanks mean you’ll have to refill them more often which is why bigger isn’t always better if you’re buying one for your baby’s room.

7. Noise

You don’t want to wake up your baby by using a loud humidifier next to their crib so make sure you pay attention to noise levels when shopping around for one. If your baby sleeps through any noises, this isn’t something you should be extensively concerned about but expect cool mist models to make gurgling sounds similar to what an aquarium does while ultrasonic types are completely silent thanks to the lack of a fan unit.

8. Cleaning & Maintenance

To prevent bacteria from growing in your baby’s humidifier, it needs to be cleaned at least once a week and any removable parts should be washed with hot water and vinegar if possible. If you have a cool mist model that lacks a filter, clean its grill carefully so mold or other allergens don’t grow inside the machine itself after continuous use.


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